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STC-NYC Kick off a great event in Manhattan !


Check out the kick-ass images, The Making of SLS Tag Rugby 7sVid and the Official Vid Clip below giving you the spirit and action of turning an idea into a sporting event, a good cause, a party and a celebration of old school friendships that last a lifetime !

Press Statement

Seventy-five players, ten officials and many volunteers with over three hundred spectators were at Pier 40 in NYC for the Inaugural Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Festival hosted by STC-NYC on Saturday, May 12th, to make it a memorable event.   Attendance at the event was more than expected.

“It was entertaining as well as encouraging to see the following players standout: Ananda’s Vidura Jayasooriya; ‘Evergreen’ Sudesh Abeysinghe and Manoj Premachandra of Isipathana College; Lion Shah Dole, Himesh Goonetileke and Cheruka Weerakoon of Trinity; ‘wheels’ Reshan Cooke of St. Peters; Bilal Hassan and Kamal Ganewattage of Royal; Senaka Samarasinge  and C [Chaka] Karalasingham of St. Josephs; Umanga Abeysekera, Lasantha Dahanaike, Gerhard Munaweera, Niluk Wickramatillake, S. L. Ching and Kavinda Kumarage of S. Thomas’.” said Thikshan Arulampalam of the STC-NYC Rugby Organization Team.

Organizers say that the night was a success, with many of the players suggesting that the event should be continued annually.

Overall we were glad we achieved our objective to bring the community together. We thank all of our corporate and individual sponsors, donors, the teams and all of the supporters whose participation in this event will help STC-NYC fund various charitable projects in Sri Lankan Schools for education and amateur sports development.”  Lalith Theivanayagam, a STC-NYC Trustee.

The elimination-round  Scoreboard :


 1st qtr   : Royal beat STC-DC – 7 (1 goal) to 0.

 2nd qtr  : St. Peters beat St. Josephs – 14

(2 goals) to 0.

 3rd qtr   : STC-Blacks beat Isipathana – 5 (1 try) to 0.

 4th qtr   : Trinity beat STC-Blues – 14 (2 goals) to 0.

 1st semi: Royal beat STC-Blacks – 14 (2 goals) to 0.

 2nd semi: Trinity beat St. Peters – 26 (3 goals, 1 try) to 0.

 Final      : Trinity beat Royal – 12 (1 goal, 1 try) to 5 (1 try).


Shouts & Backslaps !


 “It was a well-organized Rugby event and after party. Everything went well. Congrats to the entire team that has worked very hard. [We] will definitely support you all next year.” Dillan Ariyawansa, Senior Vice President, Sri Lankan Airlines (Chief Sponsor).

 “It was great to see so many Sri Lankans in one place and the organizing team managed to capture the vibe of going to a Colllege Rugby match in Sri Lanka. Brought back fun memories” Chalaka Dissanayake, Old Thomian, resident, NYC.

 “We had a blast and we are glad to hear we made a positive contribution to the event. We look forward to being a part of the next one and forming a greater partnership in the future.” Christian Mayo, Play Rugby USA (who lead the referees and timekeepers together with the STC-NYC’s field Marshals).

 “The STC-NYC tournament brought together a beautiful community of all ages from across the continent.  As a spectator, I really enjoyed seeing the team spirit and pride in equal balance with sportsmanship.  It was an ideal way for an outsider to experience the friendliness of Sri Lankan community.”  Amber Featherstone,  resident, NYC.

 “Excellent job, can’t thank you enough for everything. By far the best tournament I have played in. It was so easy for me as a captain.” Reshan Cooke, St. Peters College.

 “It was great to see so many Sri Lankans in one place and the organizing team managed to capture the vibe of going to a Colllege Rugby match in Sri Lanka. Brought back fun memories” Chalaka Dissanayake, Old Thomian, resident, NYC.

 “Great tournament – way to represent NY” – Himesh Malcolm  Goonetileke, the winning captain.

Voice & Vids


Watch the Making Of SLS Tag Rugby 7s

A shout-out to the sponsors & supporters against a montage of action. Photo credits Michael Lee ( Play Rugby USA ) Amber Featherstone and Jawad Jawak.

Gaya Fernando talks to Thikshan Arulampalam Head of the Organising Committee &Trustee STC-NYC. Before the event he said “The Rugby event is intended to be as fun as well as fiercely competitive. We hope it brings out some old school rivalries and friendship”. Now after the event we take a look at how Old Boys of Sri Lankan schools rally around the college flag to bring an event together and a community together in NYC and Sri Lankan school friendships that last a lifetime.

What’s On: The Making of SLS Rugby 7s 2012 with Thikshan Arulampalam STC-NYC from iSrilankan on Vimeo.

What’s On Vids on iSrilankan’s Vimeo tell ‘The Making Of’ story behind an event, after the event by speaking to key organisers who give a SHOUT-OUT to the sponsors and supporters who made the event a great experience. Comment to gaya@isrilankan.com.

Podcast: The Making Of SLS Tag Rugby 7s

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Watch the official STC-NYC vid clip

In the final encounter Royal player Michael (Mikey) is chased across the field by a Trinitian for the tag preventing the try during the finals.




Photo Credits Michael Lee ( Play Rugby USA ) Amber Featherstone and Jawad Jawak. Don’t miss out on page 2- click on link below the gallery or click-to-view entire collection on Flickr.

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    Congrats to STC – NYC, Welldone ! We should replicate the same in other over seas countries !! Thomians in Dubai – UAE, does the same every year including cricket !

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