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Vids by Gaya Fernando and Gary Paramanathan


iSrilankan gives you a collage of Vlogs, Making-Of Vids, Oral Histories and more.

What’s On: The Making Of vids when Gaya speaks to the key organiser of an event after the event and hears the motivation, inspiration and hard work that went into the making of a great experience. This video collection gives a SHOUT OUT to the sponsors, supporters and friends who made it happen.

Story of Our Lives: Both the oral histories as well as the Making Of vids where the story-seeker is interviewed on his or her journey in recording the human story.

Footprints : Vids where we speak to Diasporans on their work and play, featuring Srilankans whose imprint has travelled far and is diversely imprinted on the Planet.

Gaya’s People : Profiling Sri Lankans who are successful; who have made a name for themselves by doing what they do convincingly and are delightfully feet-on-the-ground Sri Lankan as well.


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