The quality of Srilankan vitriol is not strained!!

lasith_malinga0531_post_1306829593Shanaka’s defence of Lasith Malinga is well-written and is a balanced critical perspective on the “wedak balagena yanawa manussayo yanna” incident.

Vitriol lives ok. Whether it is showered on Natalie and Nadiya Twins who say silly things in the USA or Lasith Malinga or an Author who published her recollection of time spent in the LTTE the quality of vitriol Srilankan is not strained.

I hope Shanaka writes more and that the changes that dull grey font that makes me squint !

Ball Handling 101 : In Defence of Lasith


Lasith Malinga has never been the most eloquent guy in the world. He likes to let the ball do the talking, and in front of a camera he will be the first to admit that he’s a bit out of his depth. I interviewed him for Adoh Magazine when he was big enough to be the Next Big Thing, but nowhere near the iStar he is now. He was as flippant, but not brash or arrogant. Read More at The Score.LK

Shanaka goes further than defending Lasith Malinga. While I do not agree that Sri Lanka is a failed state in international law terms I get his drift entirely and concur with the disgust he feels:

” We are a failed state. Like it or not. And being citizens of that state makes us failures too. No sporadic cricketing triumph is going to make that any less of a reality. So look at ourselves and let’s try to become role models for our kids of our own accord. Don’t rely on some ‘uneducated beach bum’ to be a role model to your kids. Lasith Malinga doesn’t need a degree to bowl the way he does. But we don’t bat an eyelid when people without O/Levels are running the economy.

What. The. Fuck.

This outpouring of vitriol against Lasith has made me realise just how bankrupt we are as a society. Our values are skewed, our priorities stupid and our sense of perspective doesn’t exist.”     Shanaka

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