Sherpas, Snakes & Ladders and a sheaf of Oleander!


World Outside Your Window: An entry in the diary of an iSrilankan.

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It’s Sunday and my German husband needs one or two hours on his mountain bike before the day fully begins. I need one hour with my New Yorker and cuppa tea, which routine break of day activity has kept me sane and energised to face the world, for months or years now.

 The world of mountain climbing the tale of the Krieg am Everest with Ueli Steck, Moro & Griffiths caught me up in a whirl of falling ice, Sherpa hostility and else. [Read more…]

World Outside Your Window: Len’s Toronto



When you think Toronto what comes to mind ? This is Len’s Toronto, a kaleidoscope of cultural diversity and colour. Len was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Toronto as a young child. iSrilankan wishes to feature his talent as a photographer and the city he lives in. [Read more…]