Exclusive: A Day at Detention by Niromi de Soyza

Gaya’s intro : A woman who knows the scars of surviving war in Sri Lanka goes to meet another in Sydney Australia. The former came to Australia a long time ago and is now a lawyer, a mother and a famous author. The second however arrived recently and is now in detention with no right of appeal and no time limit. She too is famous albeit for the wrong reasons. Their meeting and conversation takes place in a space that is in stark contrast to the battleground of Sri Lanka. I am delighted to receive this account from Niromi herself and to publish it on iSrilankan in solidarity with women who were affected by the long war in Sri Lanka wherever they live right now.

A Day at Detention


by Niromi de Soyza

As soon as I step into the reception room which reminded me of a sterile hospital cafeteria, a woman with long dark hair in a black blazer catches my eyes. The epaulettes on her jacket give her small skinny frame an air of authority. I recognise the young woman easily as Ranjini, she looks exactly like in the pictures splashed across newspapers and news media over the past few weeks – sparkling eyes, a big bright smile and the unmistakable side-parting of hair.
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