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war-affected children

Never Again: IRAQ’s 10 year Regrettable Anniversary and the Still ‘Uncounted’ Dead



It is the 10th Regrettable Anniversary of the Iraq War. The above image is credited to Gio McCluskey

Reading this amazing BBC piece Marwa’s Story, many sentences stood out and among them:

“There are no official figures for the civilian casualties of the war because the Americans and the British didn’t collate them and the Iraqi authorities couldn’t. But one estimate suggests that more than 2,200 Iraqis were killed in the week that Marwa was injured.”

I like the ring of Regrettable Anniversary: it’s a phrase that can be easily relevant to ‘our war’ though we have no date for the declaration of war. [Read more…]

Music, healing and sincerity: A few insights for those who wish to engage

I didn’t know Tanya when I published ¬†sometime ago about her event at the Kennedy Center. I didn’t know of sjc87initiative the organisation that invited Tanya to the North until I engaged with Australian Diaspora when ¬†I published about a refugee Ranjini in Australia. Now I know both and decided to get their input on the event, how it took place and what we can learn about engaging with the war-affected children in post-war Sri Lanka by the Diaspora. [Read more…]