Sorrow passes and we remain by Henry James : A good-read on FB

Gaya’s intro:
Do you write Letters anymore...

Correspondence as in writing well-thought out letters is a thing of the past. Today its more about publication on the digital media which is instantaneous, emotive and as quickly as it reaches us, is it swallowed up in the continuous ticker of a newsfeed.

My father had a Burma-teak study desk at which he did his correspondence; the same at which I sit now in Italy having preserved it through changing landscapes and relationships. At this table he wrote letters regularly to friends and loved ones, some in faraway countries, especially in times of personal sorrow and grief. These letters were treasured by his friends and spoken of later after his death.

The thought and awareness of writing to appease another person I guess is a very enlightened human action.

I do remember my helpessness and anguish when the JVP killed my neighbour just because he refused to shut down the Anglo-Asian factory when they ordered him to. They were new neighbours and we were not friends as yet. I wrote to his wife and she came over to my mother and showed her the letter sobbing; I was seventeen. [Read more…]