Monday Morning: Tulie convinced me that it’s ok to tell my girlfriends I don’t need self-help books ;)


“If the stacking of the bookshelves are anything to go by, we have a lot of under-confident people in Colombo city, searching for a better way / better meaning in their lives. Nothing wrong with that of course. As a devourer of several self-help books in the past I know where they are coming from.”

Gaya’s Intro: I loved Tuesdays with Morrie up to a point and after a few days wished that he would get on with the business of passing his soul into the soulcloud. I groan when a girlfriend tells me that they just bought 4 copies of the same book in the USA for their girlfriends and that it’s in the car if I could walk up with em…. 😉 Now I feel stronger in denying their love and self-help book offers. Babes, I don’t want anymore clichés.. now if you were offering an hour on Nilaveli beach toes upturned towards the bay of Bengal with a long iced drink in hand… no? then am off for that chase-the-blues morning swim girl.


It’s a phenomenon that has exploded all over the bookshelves of Colombo bookshops; Self-Help Books.

They have always been there of course but lately they seem to be EVERWHERE! Not in just select shelves, in out-of-the-way corners as they used to be, say, a decade ago. [Read more…]

Listen: ‘A People Left Stranded’ by Tulie Muttulingam

The January Long-Read Podcast: iSrilankan picks up a Long-Read on an issue which may just go unnoticed by many cos it’s not about the CJ or the current political caper.

A well-researched and well-written piece with a social justice intent, A People Left Stranded by Tulie Muttulingam brings alive Muslims who are trying to return to Jaffna and build up homes from shacks on traditional homelands. A predicament that leaves people of our nation still shrouded by the clouds of war, and brings on new clouds of mistrust and suspicion both inter and intra-community.

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On the Bus

By Tulie Muttulingam

Traveling in buses is a tiresome experience most of us endure every day. Crowded conditions, molesters, bus conductors who never bother to return your Rs.1 or 2 but throw you out if you are 50 cents short of the required bus fare…

I don’t know about you but all that and more are just a few of the things that brings me to office minus the bright morning cheeriness and chirrupiness that psychologists tell us we have to start our day with. [Read more…]