Motherhood – a choice or an obligation? KALUMAALI examines the options.


Congratulations Ruwanthie, you have brought to the discussion table an extremely valid dichotomy.

To be or not to be: A Mother!

For most women, being a mother is the ultimate achievement of womanhood, the supreme sacrifice she makes in life and the most prestigious social adornment.  Most of them may not quite realize what this achievement costs, just like weighing the pros and cons prior to committing to a long-term investment.  Some may also not realize how best it can be managed to make ‘motherhood’ a win-win experience for her, the child and her life partner, for their future gain.

Why has motherhood always got to be a sacrifice?  Why do women make a big issue about how much of a sacrifice they make for the sake of a marriage, her child and her husband?  This is the million dollar question one needs to examine.  In my interpretation, this is what Kalumaali is about. [Read more…]