Asela Perera: A must-hear trailer to “Evenings in the Sun”


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Asela Perera : A promo vid by Nadya Tissera from iSrilankan on Vimeo


Asela Perera is a musician who speaks of matters close to his heart through his tunes. He found his calling from his previous EP Paper Boy which was released last year. This October, he will be releasing his 3rd EP titled “Evenings in the Sun” .

Asela Perera has a unique gift of grabbing and tying down one’s attention with his comforting, soothing voice and calming melodies.

The first track released from Evenings in the Sun, titled Once is available on


Photography and concept by Nadya Tissera.



Nadya Tissera is a photographer. This is her first attempt to combine her love for photography and music. Music is a form of art that inspires her in her life and especially in photography. She finds it intriguing how music plays a significant role in one’s life.

Nadya hopes to continue in her search in how music affects life and heals in a series of photostories. Her work can be viewed at

Whilst photography is her hobby, she is a HR professional and carries with her a strange fascination with dragons.