Playgrounds and Players in Asia




President Mahinda Rajapaksa, addressing the first Asia Cooperation Dialogue Summit in Kuwait, outlined his vision for the region in the following terms:

‘This continent of Asia cannot be the playground of other forces, who seek our wealth, our assets of nature and human resources. Our progress must draw from the best of our own cultures and while learning from the best of others who come with genuine friendship. We are seeing the dawn of the Age of Asia. We must together see it bring new light to a troubled world dominated by the grave errors of other continents.’ [Read more…]

Train-riders of my childhood inspired by reading Malinda Words: A short story about Route 167 and parallel lives


Colombo, Sri Lanka (2010)

Gaya: Sometimes people tell you mula amathaka karanna epa. Don’t forget where you began, literally.
Sri Lanka was a wonderful childhood place ( I was born in 72 ) cos we were all relatively dependant on each other for entertainment – telling stories, traveling in the train together and climbing over garden walls to play with the neighbour. There were no organised holidays to exotic destinations in my neighbourhood nor iPhones or isolating entertainment devices that reinforced my own individuality. So yes, my remembering where I began is bound up with a whole lot of people and funny memories. 
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