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sunset sri lanka
“The setting sun flames up the sky. The sea is like molten lava. The people frolic in carefree abandon. It’s 2015 signing off.” Lilamani Benson
Gaya: ‘Peace in a time of grumbling’ on good governance and new governments may be the chirp of the times, but such cameos of carefree fun in paradise remind us how far better off we are now in contrast to the uncertain no-hope dawns of consecutive new years, not so long ago.
LilamaniLilamani Benson is best known for being herself—Lilamani—rather than Founder and CEO of a leading advertising agency or as an artist. As Lilamani, she inflames her art, her ideas business and life with flamboyance and passion. This casual shot she took on her phone on New Year’s Eve is used with permission.


Image of the Week


IMAGE OF THE WEEK : Mount Lavinia Hotel January 2013

Image of the Week

End of the day

End of the Day


An image which will play out eternally in Sri Lanka. Click through to the image on Brett Davies’ Flickr.

Galle, Aug 6, 2011









Images of the Week    May 19-26, 2012

Image of the Week


On Vesak Day at the Sri Dalada Maligaawa, Kandy

Sri Lanka Kandy Temple Vesak Day 5-

From Colsteel’s Flickr photostream

Image of the Week : Kadala Karaththa, Galle Face, Colombo

Street Cart, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Image of the Week : Kadala Karaththa, Galle Face, Colombo


This is a photo that appears in Migration Mark’s Flickr Photostream.


Golgotha Erupts by Natalie Soysa

Image of the Week : Golgotha Erupts


Easter 2012, Sri Lanka


Natalie Soysa in her own words : When I was a child I wanted to be a photographer. And a writer and an actress and a musician and a lecturer and an archeologist and an anthropologist and an activist and a journalist. I’ve realized along the way that I can’t be a Jill of all trades, but I can be of some.

Here’s one of those ventures. Or, shall I say adventures?

I presently shoot with my very first camera, a Sony Alpha 230 purchased in late March 2010 with the 18-55 mm / 3.5 – 5.6f kit lens, a 50mm / 1.8f prime and a 75-300mm / 4.5-5.6 zoom lens.

Visit Natalie’s Creative Studio and her Flickr gallery.

Natalie is available on assignment both in Sri Lanka and overseas as a photographer, journalist and ideas consultant.

Veddah Chief of Rathugala Veddah Clan

 Veddha Chief



By Tharindu Amunugama

Meet Danigala Maha Bandaralage Suda Wanniyalaeththo, the current chieftain of Rathugala clan of veddahs,who are originally from Danigala in Galoya.They had to relocate due to construction of Senanayake reservoir and making of Galoya sanctuary ( I think it was in 1950s). This is one of the remaining veddah lineages along with the ones you find in Vanni and the less distinct coastal veddahs. [Read more…]