Whatever the party, Lanka knows how to party!

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No one trusts politicians and no one’s fooled by election promises really. Yet there’s been too many sad mornings after, after the riots, after the bomb, after the funeral, after the tsunamis, after the end of the war.  Now  the voters are voting and the band’s playing in August as it did in January.

It’s amazing! It’s a reason to celebrate. It sets us apart.

You’ve gotta hand it to Lanka…
Whatever the party, they know how to party!
O what a show of votes!

I love every single voter cos they voted,  every single enthusiastic campaigner fired up, glitter- eyed peeps who were behind the win cos they wanted to run the race.

Was this a peaceful or more peaceful election than we’ve ever had before in Sri Lanka?

I hope you will not forget how we partied together till dawn, when all hope was bombed outta the nation. And no one lost friends or colleagues due to political allegiances. That together we abandoned hope of seeing the war end in our lifetime. Will you remember the dead who gave their lives to see democracy restored in one nation north to south, east to west? And give to those who gave?

In trust the country still remains, for the generation born, which did not know war, or fear.

Proud of the democratic tradition of Sri Lanka.
Proud of the phoenix-like quality of our survival.
Proud to be a Sri Lankan today.
Will still be proud tomorrow and thereafter
Of a country that still believes.

Ayubowan Lanka!

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