To have or not to have? Questioning victory day, military parades et al.


For those saying that Victory Day should be retained, and who use VE Day as an example, and also cite the reasoning that we need a day to remember the men who fell in the cause of national unity, let me point out a few things

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Our Moment of Destiny



I think every generation faces its own particular challenges; but the greatest and most defining ones are those of morality and courage. That moment, if missed, condemns that generation — and often many that follow — to a world far more unpleasant and evil than we would wish it to be. For many in the free world of the late 1930s, that moment came with the invasion of Poland and the bombing of Pearl Harbour.

It was a moment when my grandfather’s generation had to decide if they would simply stand on the sidelines or go out and fight someone else’s cause. Fortunately for them, the choice was easy; their respective governments took the right fork, and millions of young men — my grandfather included — went out into the deserts, the jungles, and across the seas to ensure that tyranny and racism would not shape our world. For 1960s America, the moment of destiny was in fact a place — Vietnam — and a moral choice. America made its decision, albeit a little late for millions of Vietnamese.

But when that hour of destiny arrived thirty years ago in Sri Lanka, our parents’ generation failed us.

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After the Resolution

Gaya : Well here’s an interesting scenario I picked up from the random commentary floating around :

By David Blacker

Maybe the GoSL set the tone of the debate :

1. It set up an LLRC to fact-find, then criticized the facts and the method of finding them.

2. Then, when the US pushed us to implement the LLRC recommendations, we resist, and call them nasty names.

3. The US invites us to be a part of drafting a document that will ask us to do what our own commission recommends, but we refuse, in spite of the fact that human rights activists condemn the resolution as pointless. [Read more…]