Freedom, Religion and Dambulla : A photoessay by Navin Weeraratne


Of threatened shrines and threatened people

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Dambulla : A must-see photoessay of a day trip by ‘Sootch’ and Navin

NAVIN WEERARATNE : Threatened shrines and threatened people

Gaya’s intro : I had a hard time finding out the real meaning of the events in Dambulla and I failed to get a clear answer. The events were very clearly reported in the Groundviews reports. Yet it was rather strange to see a metal shed sealed off; to me a mosque was an imposing structure in white, much like the mosque near the Galle Fort.

The power of the monk concerned and his history were enough to shock you into wondering how on earth, so many amazing and heartwarming people could live in a small space, where corrupt power-hungry thugs parade themselves with blatant impunity. I felt repulsed. I squinted at the Italian sunlight and tried to talk myself out of believing in the saving grace in Sri Lanka. [Read more…]

Dambulla : A photoessay

The Resilience Series

DAMBULLA is the featured photoessay in the Gallery.
Dambulla and its heritage is ancient and bewitchingly beautiful. Can it be desecrated by the present disgrace? Can its significance to all people of Sri Lanka be destroyed by events of these weeks? Dambulla will prevail when all others perish. iSrilankan presents a photoessay on Dambulla which captures its heritage, peace and beauty.
iSrilankan thanks Deepthi Peiris and Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne for sharing their images here.