Anapayan : Kumar David on Kaluthaihal and India

BLOGS Political : An excellent intervention from Dr Kumar David, that is very timely one and crucial to the current political discourse in Sri Lanka especially to the Tamils.

“The two matters, signing up on a political agreement, and demanding and contesting PC elections in the NP, are separate, and to use a Maoist expression, the TNA “must walk on two legs.”

It seems inexplicable that the TNA is not demanding the establishment of a northern PC; but there is a reason, it is allowing itself to be held hostage by a small but boisterous section of the Tamil community living in cloud cuckoo land that styles itself a “civil society” movement. This movement is extremist in that its programme is too Tamil nationalist. It is opposed to the TNA taking control of the NP-PC (the TNA is sure to win) until Rajapakse gives the sun, the moon and acknowledges the right of the Tamil people to self-determination.

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