Gaya’s Vids: iSrilankan is one year old today !



iSrilankan one year on…! from iSrilankan on Vimeo

I remember hitting the ‘publish’ button on monday night May 26th last year with a sense of unreality and feeling a surge of adrenalin as the likes flooded in from people with whom I had had many conversations in the months before.  I never really publicised the website I think partly due to the fear of pressurising myself to deliver to expectations of which I had no clue. So the first year was an exploratory one and I listened to what resonated with myself most, not with others only; what would make it all worthwhile to myself as well as others in the end.

In this amateur vid I try to express the most important activity that I will sustain and take energy from : grafting on new friendships, new members to my growing iSrilankan family around the world and keeping the conversation and friendship going. That’s it. The process is its own reward.

Living outside the homeland and engaging with local and Diaspora audiences using digital media is a great experience and one that has resulted in skill-acquiring DIY style from my home with only a macbook and an internet connection. This amateur vid will tell you that I am quite a maniac to dare to do stuff like this by myself without help and actually have the guts to post it but then, wtf? Yep, skills make it very worthwhile – you learn the basics, overcome your fear and there is a tutorial for everything else out there.

I’ve thrown in some thoughts from my own experience as a mum of two young kids, managing a home and keeping her grey matter, sense of humour and tolerance going. And if you are engaging with the homeland you may i’ve touched on how I try to maintain balance and perspective ( especially given the status quo). The first and last rule I follow: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

I’ve left out many names cos I didn’t make a list and among them Sulochana Peiris who was the first patient listener to my idea of launching a slow journalism website undaunted by other failed initiatives and Meena Serendib who did an awesome podcast on nonviolent communication for the launch. There are many new people since who are a great support such as Tanuja, Rebecca, Soori, Gillian, Nireka, Gloria, Dileni both in SL and NYC, Len, Koom, Iqbal and others. It’s great to get to know you…

If you may like this website as an independent initiative please post the content you like on your social media with a little note to increase genuine readership among the Sri Lankan audiences home and away.

Thank you and see you around !



A Message from an Insight-Gatherer

by Gaya

Years of war has limited the discourse to conflict-related topics.

In the post-war era the focus appears to be dominated by nationalism, patriotism, polarisation, extremism and we-dont-need-the-diaspora-we-are-awesome-in-sri-lanka positions on the one hand and dont-support-this-corrupt-regime-we-will-not-support-rehab-till-our-demands [Read more…]