Special Call-Out: How a Master of Development Practice can change your journey!



The deadline for applications  is now extended to February 15,  2014 and this year as well I repeat the special call-out for a Masters in Development Practice due to its uniqueness: An opportunity for those who do not hold a Bachelor’s degree to offer their valuable experience in development work as a requirement to qualify in a program designed to deliver, creating an environment in which student-professionals  find that rare interdisciplinary space in Sri Lanka to debate and challenge each other.
Here is a personal message from Bernie Yatawara :

When I got involved in Development work it was very much about stand-alone projects. It was either a natural environment project or a health project or a governance project or micro-finance project. As a development practitioner I had to manage most of these projects. I was looking for a Masters where there was an integrated approach cos knowledge of micro-finance doesn’t help you in a forestry project.  I just wanted to conceptualise my experience but I didn’t know that it was going to be so fantastic… so good.”
LISTEN: to Bernie’s  experience on the MDP

Gaya: Bernie, why do you say that the MDP was a fantastic experience ?

Bernie: It gave me the integrated approach, the synch of different topics and also the way that the topics and subjects are mixed and the lecturers link it to the wider development umbrella.

But also the other thing which I really, really liked was that we had diverse practitioners,  diverse skills and experiences within the classroom; we had engineers, lawyers, researchers, general development practitioners, teachers and I underestimated the richness of the classroom experience and learning.

Gaya : After so many years away from the classroom was there a subject that you found difficult to deal with?
Bernie: Oh yes… !! This course also gives you financial management ,statistics and yes, this is not my comfort zone and  you don’t even want to venture into this area… even if it is very useful to the job you do.. so it was a positive challenge I would say.

Gaya: And how about your placement? Where would you like to do the internship?

Bernie:  I would like to work in the plantation sector. I am looking now at a project, which is about governance and rights – you get a lot of women in the plantation sector who are going abroad as migrant labour. Even if you cannot stop it, this project tries to manage it – give them enough information to make the right decision- if the right decision is to stay- and even if it is to go, then to give the women enough information – what’s going to happen to your children, what are the cultural differences in the country you go to… I am just reading a project and am supporting this project in the plantation sector and this is very interesting to me- I would like to get involved in that and do a very close study of this and I think this is what I would like to do as my placement.

Thank  you Bernie for sharing your views and experience. Next featured is Rayees Ahameth.

Applications for the following academic year 2014/16 are NOW OPEN  Dec-Feb. Please see the student resources page on the MDP website for details and for your easy reference here is the Applications Page.

The Master of Development Practice is a programme in 17 countries.  The Peradeniya University is one of the five Asian universities to be included in the global MDP network. It’s a Masters programme worth its salt. iSrilankan is proud to promote its benefits to the Sri Lankan local and international student community.

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    Thanks for sharing this gaya. I’ll share the message thru my fb

  2. Hi Gaya,
    It’s call for applications time again. This time the closing date is Feb 29, 2016. Please spread the word!

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