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Sinhala Blues from Ajith Kumarasiri

Sinhala Blues from Ajith Kumarasiri

DBS JEYARAJ: “Hey Geneva” is a song performed by musician-singer-composer Ajith Kumarasiri at his live concert”No More” at Punchi theatre in Borella on March 31st 2012.

It is now featured on You Tube.

It was Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka, Sri Lanka ’s former Ambassador to the UN in Geneva who informed me first about “Hey Geneva”. Dayan who is currently our envoy to Paris describes it as “Sinhala Blues or the Blues in Sinhala” and hails it as the birth of a new genre.

I listened to it once, twice, thrice and was highly impressed. The words in Sinhala are easy to follow but matters are made much simpler for the non – Sinhala audience by sub –titles in Sinhala. It is about 10 minutes long.

Blues is the name given to a musical form that originated in the Afro-American communities of the USA at the tail end of the 19th century. It evolved mainly through spirituals,songs sung during work in the plantations and native ballads. They are interspersed with shouts and chants.

Disclaimer: This is an artist singing the blues and engaging in a bit of satire. It is not intended to bring discredit on any person or entity real or perceived.


  1. Nice music!!!!! I Love it!!!!!!

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