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AM sick to the teeth with the BBS. And then I saw this on FB : Status of Lasith Fernando ( reproduced with permission )

My brother is a Christian, my best friend since kindergarten is a Muslim and one of my band mates is a Tamil. The first girl I fell in love with was a Baha’i, the last was a Burgher and there even was an Indian somewhere in between. I’ve shared some of the best meals of my life around Sawans and Christmas Dinner tables with my Muslim and Christian cousins. I’ve known tranquility walking around a temple at dusk and I’ve felt at peace watching a friend pray at church. I’ve felt my heart race countless times watching Angelo Mathews take Sri Lanka over the finish line and I’ve even literally fallen off my seat cheering Murali during the ’96 world cup.

 To me the people I live, laugh and talk music with each day are Sri Lankans. And the Sri Lanka I know is so diverse and beautiful that it sometimes makes my heart ache.

And all I ask of this so called Bodu Bala Sena and whoever else that supports its views, or any form of racism for that matter, is that they not ruin the Sri Lanka I know and love. The battle to protect your religion and your philosophies is not fought on the streets or over your brothers’ beliefs, it’s fought on the plains of your own heart and over your own principles.

And always remember, in the words of the mighty Iron Maiden…’We’re Blood Brothers’.”


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  1. Lovely piece of writing.I got goose bumps reading this.We grew up in a neighbourhood where Christians, Budhists and Burghers lived . And we as Muslims enjoyed their warm hospitality and friendship that was extended to us.We all looked forward for Christmas and Vesak and actively engaged in their festive activities.My late Mom always sent out to all our neighbours the reaps of our garden like mangoes,Jak fruit,bread fruit.There were never any bickering or hatred among any one of them .So sad there are a few in society who are rekindling hatred.

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