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Sari-Nathan: the Awesomes!!

Sari-Nathan: the Awesomes!!

sarinda and nathan

TELLIPPALAI TRAIL CANCER HOSPITAL IS OPEN! They did it. And if you know how these things are done, it was not easy to give wing to a dream in Sri Lanka with all the political ramifications, the naysayers, the sceptics, those who wanted spanners thrown into the works. But this was different cos it had the inimitable Sarinda-Nathan combo and these guys are what they would call in younger generation circles : Awesome.

trail photos

They gave this dream LEGS as well as wings and it was an awesome moment indeed to have a nation walking behind em. I met a Diasporan Thamil friend for lunch during the last days of TrailSL. He was born in Jaffna, living in Canada, now on vacation-the first time in 14 years-back on the island. “Why didn’t I hear of this in Canada?” he says and registers to walk in Jaffna : the last lap.

There is a time to grieve, a time to heal and a time to take pride in what Srilankans achieve on their own steam. What a story, what an action and what a great moment !

The photo on the left is symbolic of a scene which can only be viewed in multi-faith, multi-ethnic Sri Lanka where the many roads meet both Western and Eastern, urban and rural, rich and poor.  More photos and writing on the Trail and Opening of the Tellippalai Trail Cancer Hospital can be found here


Sarinda: His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse declared open the Tellippalai Trail Cancer Hospital. Thank you all for the support extended to make this project a reality. Tellippalai Trail cancer hospital was only possible through the hard work of many individuals who were committed to the cause.

The Trail team were overwhelmed with the kind messages and acts of generosity over the past few days. Thank you to all who made the visit yesterday for the opening. I hope all that the others will have a chance to go there. Many have helped and a few have worked hard to over the past 3 years to bring it to life. Thank you to all of you for giving us strength.


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