Rizana tragedy comment :”This must be banned! 100%”




In the case of Rizana and the beheading I have been trying so hard through almost 20 years now to seek the indulgence of the SL Embassy in Riyadh to convince the Foreign Ministry back home to ban the housemaid exit to ME nations. They just wont hear me out. I also wrote a white paper on it which I have with me with stats etc.

FazliThe issue here is the laws that prevail in these lands are those that they believe are Divine and they choose to interpret them as they think fit. Very little common sense is used in arriving at conclusions and they go by what they perceive from the letter of the text within the scripture.

First and foremost, Islam does not permit the travel of a female, by herself, without a male guardian accompanying her, on a journey that lasts for such long periods. Islam also forbids a single woman living within a household where there are non related men who are marriageable to her without the presence of her male Guardian (father, husband, son, brother). So the very concept of hiring single female maids from overseas to work in their homes is grossly flouting their own Divine laws and scripture.

Secondly, execution is not the punishment for accidental death. It is only applied when a planned murder is committed which can be proved beyond any reasonable doubts. Rape and drugs abuse also requires the same death penalty to be applied.

We have,maybe 400,000+ maids in Saudi Arabia from Sri Lanka. Each earns about US$ 100 per month. If they remit 50% of that money back home then the nation earns around SL Rs 20 million per month which amounts to almost SR Rs 500 million per year (half A BILLION). We need to see how we could try and earn this using other possible means.

The Philippines and Kerala send thousands of nurses to work in the hospitals here. Teachers are welcome. Why cant we train our girls to take up some of these jobs where they wont be exposed to the abuse that maids have to undergo?

It is time the Government back home thinks about the human factor before the revenue.

This must be banned! 100%

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