Rizana tragedy comment : “Saudi Arabia is spitting in our faces”




suthamieYet another….!

I remember living in Kuwait and I loved visiting my dad at work. BUT, the entire basement of the Sri Lankan Embassy was a housing area for maids and drivers who ran away from their ‘masters,’ because of beatings, lack of payments, rape etc. They had no where else to go. They were of all ethnicities, sex, ages. They were there to make a better life for their families. They were there legally but their passports were often taken away so they could not leave the country.

The attitude towards the value of certain lives needs to change; not just in countries in the Mid-east but in Sri Lanka and India (rape of women). But it will never change if we do not continue to pressure.

According to reports – Rizana Nafeek was 17 when she was accused of killing a child, whom she was there to look after. Saudi Arabia is a signatory to the international Convention on the Rights of the Child, which bars the execution of offenders who were under 18 at the time of their crime.

Amnesty says Saudi Arabia executed at least 79 people in 2012. Of those, 27 were non-Saudis — and most of the foreigners executed in recent years were migrant workers from developing countries, the group said.

Saudi Arabia is spitting in our faces. This should not be forgotten and the countries who pushed not to have the execution should continue to do so. In addition, to push for the safe treatment of a Sri Lankan, you have to do the same in Sri Lanka, to have any credibility. Otherwise I can imagine how that conversation goes.

There are few countries I never want to visit…actually none. I just added one to the list until it starts treating humans like humans.

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