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Five Days with Riaz Cader …

Five Days with Riaz Cader …

RIAZ CADER : To watch a wild creature in its natural habitat and capture that special moment in time is a rare privilege.  You need to love wild places however and to combine patience, knowledge of the subject, ability to anticipate its next move and be in the right place at the right time.

Early morning starts and sheer hard work  should not daunt you  and you gotta continue to seek out and scan the surrounding environment for clues.

Take my obsession with capturing leopards with a lens;  be on constant alert for alarm calls made by spotted deer, a trail of fresh pugmarks, a rustle in the undergrowth or simply discern the rosette-filled tawny coat amongst the shadows in a thicket.

Finally when you do encounter the wild animal, you will need an in-depth understanding of the cameras and lenses you have at your disposal and adapt their usage to scenarios that are challenging and unexpected.

Gaya’s Notes :  I met Riaz Cader on a Saturday afternoon on a bird-watching expedition off Kotte last August. The lapwing’s call, the painted stork and cormorant were all I could fess up to and was rather ashamed of not knowing what was going on in, around and above the lakes. Have you ever had tea with wildlife people ? Your conversation would be punctuated with hisses and sudden pauses when bird-life entered the arena. Driving off, Riaz in the car just ahead would suddenly slam on the brakes without much warning to take in the behaviour of mottled creatures that evaded the untrained eye. But Riaz was in Finance Management and changed his life and career to follow his passion for wildlife photography. His story will continue over the next 5 days.

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Riaz Cader is Assistant Manager – Nature & Community Projects at Jetwing Hotels and on and off-the-job continues to visit Sri Lanka’s wild places to pursue his passion of wildlife photography. Riaz is a self-trained photographer and uses a Canon EOS 7D body predominantly with a Canon 100-400mmL series lens for wildlife images along with a Canon 24-105mm L series lens and Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lenses for landscapes and portraits.

Riaz Cader can be found on facebook and  flickr 

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