Remembrance day 2015: I remember going to ‘the front’

GAYA’S INTRO:  He left his parents behind in Northern Jaffna to join up ten years ago, strangely coincidentally on May 19th 2005. He has much to remember…

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Ten years ago,  this day this time…

many things were in my head.

Decided to leave home to bring

many sleepless nights to an end.

Leaving parents behind

I made myself go forward to ‘the front.’

Was holding a pen in my hand,

Started to write a final letter to my good mate (unnamed)

That was a hardest part – to write a last letter.

It felt like the letter you  write

before you go for a suicide attempt.



May 19th, 2005
Handing over the letter,

Asking him to open it the next day

I started to pedal for a new life.

Had gifted time.

Life with selected human, animals, processed iron pieces and trees.

Life was so beautiful and peaceful than ever.


Let me bow my head and pray for all of them,

All who gave their life in this long war,

for a peaceful rest with their God.

No matter who, you all worked for the cause you all believed in.

May Lord show some mercy on the rest who survived,

and who have been held behind bars

As well as for the families who lost their men.

especially for  the kids who lost their parents and siblings.

For the rest who lost their friends.

For the many who lost their dignity.

May all humans receive peace into their hearts and avoid war!



Aravinth Rajesh


May 19 2015

Evening at Jaffna Fort


Image credits: cyclist by sharp shadow bike man on Flickr and sunset at Jaffna fort by Poobhathy Kannan on Flickr .

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