PODCAST : Determination – What I hear from Sri Lanka !

iSrilankan Podcast: Conversations with Sri Lanka this week calls for a podcast shout-out to the determined people in Sri Lanka who are launching diverse initiatives that get them in the guts. Lovely, effective and fun people who know the meaning of “determination” as I call this podcast.
Good for you !!


Disclaimer: None of the people and initiatives I mention in this podcast have had the slightest idea that I would mention em in a podcast. However, their permission to use this podcast have been sought after production. My random podcasts arise from the support I would like to extend as the motivation behind iSrilankan is to support those who are genuinely working for positive goals.

What I said in words:

Hi there this is Gaya Fernando of iSrilankan.com and hope you all are having a good time rolling down to the last month and somehow the best of the year for many: Christmas. I’ve had much going on with Sri Lanka in terms of conversations both objective and abject, focused and rambling, with Sri Lanka. There is much going on in Sri Lanka so I thought I would make a little podcast and throw a few thoughts out there. I call this podcast


First I had a few great conversations with friends who had given up the mainstream jobs midstream so to speak and have gone into training at their own expense to work at what brings them real satisfaction. Despite the rising cost of living they’ve got the determination to go ahead. Someone I spoke to was an English Teacher and trainer and she is hoping to start her own institute dedicated to teaching little kids English but not just for exams but to be creative and teach kids to enjoy playing with the language.

Another lady who is from foreign parts and has settled in Sri Lanka actually got her Sri Lankan postgrad qualification at the Open Uni Sri Lanka in Teaching Children with Special Needs and is now developing her own model in teaching children literacy skills in their early years. She is going back to the Sri Lankan Open Uni to get her Masters and has decided to work on her own or in partnership.

Then yesterday I spoke to a young Harvard grad about her plans with her husband to launch digital learning tools and info sharing platforms to the Sri Lankan University students called Knowrom and despite the challenges in dealing with the current mindset and cultural challenges to encourage ‘sharing’ is determined to stay the course and develop products for the University students as the target audience. They will not give up. Just today I heard from a volunteer initiative called WorkinSrilanka of an IT firm in Sri Lanka who are planning a conference in December to engage with Sri Lankan holidaymakers, returnees and others to discuss the work and living issues of getting skilled Sri Lankan s living abroad to return to a life in Sri Lanka.

They have a great website with much information and wonderful articulate and clever people to guide the intiative and take your questions. This morning I woke up to a wonderful photo on FB taken by Natale Danko (featured below)who is in Sri Lanka and working with the Asia Foundation engaging with the country yet maintaining her Sinhalese family-in-Toronto identity as well.

And a friend posted that a new book called Out of the Blue a detailed book on marine mammals in Sri Lanka, Southern India and the Maldives has just come out as a result of Sri Lankan Howard Martenstyn’s work and determined effort. In all these diverse nitiatives and people there was this to be said:

You cannot beat the country for determination to put the best show on the road.

Even Prince Charles did his bit with his hokey-cokey and was determined to relax and shake a leg.


While we are determined not to forget the immense sorrow and loss to our nation and the history of a people who suffered from multiple arrows, this week just listening to the young people speaking about their initiatives and seeing the countrymen put on a great artistic and organised welcome to the visiting diplomats with the hospitality that our country is still famous for, the word at the end of the year for me is DETERMINATION. The country, the people both in it and outside have very determined people among them. I am walking along a road beside my country and hearing their voices and wishing them well in the year ahead.

Good for you !

Thank you for listening iSrilankans everywhere and catch you sometime soon. Bye for now !

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