Never done so much before 9 am…

It’s 9 am. A surprise shower just refreshed the earth and sent a few badly-fastened windows banging back on their old hinges against the peeling paint of this old home. This home ho

wever has taken quite a battering and will survive a few more yet.Woke up at 7 am with Dani spilling milk from the ‘You are the best Grandpa’ mug which he has claimed on this vac. We have a little collection from our Aussie nephs and nieces and locals so Grandpa having called it a day a couple years back and Grandma on 83 did not want for mugs, no. Ammi makes a ‘good cup of tea’ and always makes mine with hers around 5 am and then retires but peaceful slurping is a bit difficult with the babes.Lalith our right-hand who lives in a great little house and drives a tryshaw brought the fresh bread and bunis which Anjou loves with a banana though Dani still clings to his cocopops. 8 am. Fresh fish arrives with the celebrated Girlie’s son fisherman and today was Parauw Maalu a kilo is sold to us at 900 LKR. “Wouldn’t a bike be easier” I ask. Yes, I have a motorbike but the Carb is gone he says. Takes 1500 LKR to repair it”. That’s much easier on the shoulders and I could go further quicker. His body is not very well built though he shoulders the fish stuff and tries to imitate the strange gait of a fisherman who balances the weight with the walk and lopes off.Mother’s breakfast is a couple of sandwiches of ‘not TOO much Marmite now, and don’t put a lot of butter- you know how I like it’ and just as I sit down I remember that Somalatha who sweeps the garden needs her tea ‘not too much kahata now for Somalatha… you know she does not like her tea strong… and sugar and that other milk which is thicker …’ Gosh. As I am about to check out the Kama photos on Facebook along comes Sekara Baas. More discussion during the surprise shower on the gutter leaks and spots that could possibly be a Dengue trap . He will start work today.

Daniel wants to watch his favourite Barney Adventure and Anjou wants to clean the bathroom with Pynol. My kids. A few moments to catch my breath and I take off in a tuk tuk to see an amazing personality who runs an NGO , is a Graetian-prize winning writer just 15 mins from my home. Then on to an oil massage at my fave salon on Jawatte Road and on to a lunch with an old friend followed by a sneak around the old shopping haunts in CMB before I get back home to the troops who will be all agog for the afternoon entertainment.

Life is good and the sun has just shone through the Araliya trees.

Have a good day out there !

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