My fave independence day message

My fave independence day message is from a young 27 year-old Thamil Sri Lankan living far from his island home.

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 1.30.17 PMI belong to a beautiful island called Sri Lanka 🙂 This island has the most amazing people and I am sure more than 99% of them are educated. I recently heard the one country in the world which has 100% of educational ratio is Srilanka.. well rather than education it owns a natural beauty which no one can resist. British Airways and Magic FM claim 2013’s best holiday destiny in the world is Sri Lanka.

Well it has its bigger dark side as well.

30 years of internal civil war and brutal killings that amounted to almost a massacre of a people belonging to a race of the little island has to be yet justified. We have lost hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in this 30 years’ war and specially more than 40,000 civilians in the last two weeks of war of mid April, 2009.

Especially many of my childhood friends and I who were born and lived our teens among the gunfire and deaths, we have lost much personally that will never be recovered. Although many of us had the chance to get the guns and fight against the Srilankan Army, we never forgot to love our beautiful country.

Just because we all were sure of something:  On 4th of February 1948 Our Lankan Grannies and Grandpas surely enjoyed the freedom to live as proud Srilankans .. Every Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim or others wud have dreamed about a beautiful Ceylon by that time..

Time has ruined all..!!!

We Ceylonese let the politicians play with our lives.. And now we are Nowhere….!!!

May Lord Shiva, Budhdha, Jesus and Allah bless all of us for peace and ‘UNITY’..


Much Love ♥

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