A Must-see: N.O.W an art exhibition by Sivasubramaniam Kajendran


Siva is an artist,  survivor, citizen and a human most extraordinary.  His work is a testimony to how the human mind with artistic expression can transcend the violence of war, the other myriad constraints and negotiations that await the unsuspecting human and the navigation of pain and moving beyond. 

Do share this post, and drop in at the theertha Red Dot Gallery from today the 6 March to 21st and say hello from Gaya if you do! Am gutted to have missed out and to be locked out of the island especially at times like this!

Siva is my friend and always will be. Since I shared his first solo exhibition Stranded in March 2016 on this website, five years ago, I decided that Siva’s new exhibition will be my attempt to revive this iSrilankan space where middle-of-the-roaders wrote their thoughts and we connected across the planet in a struggling post-war mindset. 

Somethings change in Sri Lanka but there are they who remain constant. And this has saved our souls in ways that we can only be thankful for. 

Siva’s story may also be found here as he told it to me five years ago

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