The Resilience Series: in the voice of Mr Somanathan, a teacher in Jaffna

“Living without kerosene was awful”. The Vice-Chancellor of the Jaffna University cycled from Point Pedro daily as proof of his independence and in solidarity with the ordinary Jaffna man, teacher-colleague and student. Exams were conducted and children studied with a determination that is worth a special award beyond those awarded for excelling at exams.

For more insights and background on this series visit  the “The Teacher Kept on Teaching” an Oral History interview and hear how students, teachers and a community under fire continued studying and teaching despite the theatre of war.


  1. This piece was an excellent one. No bitterness, guile, rancor or finger pointing. Just the nostalgic, brave and honest take on the experiences of a teacher during the war in the North. So apt and timely and during this dark phase of our land!

    Thanks Gaya. Looking forward to more such oral histories.

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