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Image of the Week

Image of the Week



IMAGE OF THE WEEK: This photo was taken by Sharni Jayawardena in the village of Muruthana in Kiran, in the Batticaloa district.  People here are largely descendants of the indigenous veddah community engaging in agriculture, manual labour and (some) hunting for a living.

Sharni Jayawardena

Photography for me is neither a hobby nor a profession. It is a preoccupation.  It makes me think and keeps me focused.  A photograph is, of course, a perspective – and a choice. It is a personal statement, an interpretation of reality.  But I see each photograph I take/make more as a document than a piece of art. I think of myself as a documentary photographer.  I worked for decades as a documentary filmmaker before becoming a photographer. The shift from moving images was not a drastic or difficult one.  But it is the still image, I find, that’s the more articulate.



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