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Image of the Week

Image of the Week



Do you know this Lady ?

Do you see yourself in her?

Is it possible to say if she were Thamil or Sinhalese ?

Do we know what she knew and do we have the right to speak on behalf of her life and cause ?

Dr. Rajini Thiranagama (née Rajasingham) (February 23, 1954 – September 21, 1989)

We will remember.

Never Again !
Her husband Dayapala Thiranagama writes on returning to Jaffna :
This summer, after 23 long years, I drove to Jaffna from Galle with my eldest daughter. We travelled through the heart of Sri Lanka on the A9 road, passing Kandy, Matale, Dambulla and Kekirawa. We drove past areas where I had worked in 1986 as a member of the Vikalpa Kandayama (Alternative Group), laying down an underground political structure. At the time, I had left my academic job in the university to do fulltime political work and was confronted by two great dangers: increasing political repression from the UNP government on the one hand and the JVP’s second insurrection on the other. In my journey from the place of my birth, Galle, to Jaffna in the north, I retraced my own political journey in Sri Lanka to its conclusion, the grave of my wife Rajani.
Starting a family in Jaffna with Rajani, in the midst of the Tamil community was a life enriching experience. Having two young daughters added happiness and an extra stability for us. However, the apparent tranquillity in Jaffna could not be taken for granted. The subsequent years the situation began to change from bad to worse.  We never expected that the life was going to be smooth but we never envisaged what was to follow. The war and its horrors that tore apart so many family lives made a lasting impact on the whole community.  Returning to Jaffna again to painfully revisit the past was a difficult experience.

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