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 Tharindu monk meditating near the sea

Waves of sea,
Break one upon the other,
Rise again without a break.
It opens the mind to Sansara,where birth is followed by death,
In a continuous chain…
May your mind in meditation,
Seek to break this painful chain,
Attaining Nibbana.

Shanthi Amunugama

profile pics tharinduTharindu Amunugama captured this at panchakapa duwa, a monastery on a rocky islet off bentota river mouth. He loves to trail off the beaten tracks of Sri Lanka with a camera and bare necessities, keep things simple and spontaneous and engage with the communities and spaces of Sri Lanka that have much to offer the traveller.

Shanthi Amunugama is the poet and mother of the young curious traveller.

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