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Sometimes I hear

Sometimes I hear

Sometimes I hear




of Sinhala

folded tight

like betel leaves



that involve

a heroic deed


soft slokas

stitched ‘tween

the sheets


a mirisgala

for sorrows

from the 16th



a printing press

for second-hand

prayers burning

in Kochikade



from the

Sri Lanka

Broadcasting Corporation

repeated very slowly.

– Masii


  1. I read this again today and remembered that pause where they would tell you to go get your pen and paper ready to write down a recipe and play music and then begin the recipe …very slowly. Aunty Mona would walk in through the open front door with her weaved bag of groceries and my mother on the GOH chair would exclaim ‘what Mona…. what the hell is wrong with Stanley?’ and shoo me out of eavesdropping distance’ Childhood in Sri Lanka in the 70s.

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