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Hello iSrilankans under the Poya Moon !

Hello iSrilankans under the Poya Moon !

Photo on 2013-05-03 at 16.49 #2HELLO  to all my friends made on this website and on FB during the past year or so.  It’s my birthday week and this day is dedicated to kick starting a lapsed engagement: my website has been simmering on the backburner too long and am back stirring the Sri Lankan cauldron and give thanks for a patient readership and friendships with people I write for, whose work I publish and in short, the peeps I love.

Am unapologetic for my absence as in the real life of a mother of two growing children I dedicated myself full-time to nurturing a connection with the getting-opinionated kids, enriching and organising the space of our family life to become more a laboratory of creativity, literature and humour and here’s the icing…I baked a rainbow ribbon cake and iced it for my daughter’s 8th birthday  !!! As a non-cake maker am still reeling from my much-appreciated -by-daughter maiden effort. Amusing to think that the prospective of a simple fondant icing cake can totally freak one out. Having a little party at home with fifteen kids is an annual tradition now and its the fifth party at which I tortured myself (and them) with a treasure hunt for which I had to have Italian clues as we live in Italy.


1278126_10152202924653696_288061430_oOurs is a trilingual household English-German-Italian outside the home not forgetting the Sri Lankan culture pervading all as another influence and the digital cultural regime threatening their future adolescence. Therefore, mum here is on the warpath to keep the reading alive, the creativity with tactile stuff like lego, paint, creative games and stuff challenging the reliance on virtual realities and digital entertainment.

May fail, may not, but you can’t blame a brought-up-on kimbulabanis-and-pink-whistle-Blyton-reading Sri Lankan for trying. I temper the reading-creative time with good food – goes hand in hand- but all this needs a LOT of organising and emotional engagement which stole my website time away. What to do?

But my family is not under one roof. Sometimes one can step outside the door and say about one’s community: here, these are My People.  I find that exceedingly hard. My people are all over the world scattered far and wide from one classroom in Methodist College where I grew up, from one island where their parents were born; even my brothers and sisters need a world atlas to be located. In keeping with this reality I scheduled skypes and overseas long calls with my special people this my birthday week as one birthday bash could not include all my beloved in one geo-space. Such is life and we should take the good with the sad and change with change and not let it kill our friendships and community sense.

I was not jolted into action by my own need to blog or write but by others; the patience of those who will read these writings hopefully again, the contributors such as Maryanne Kooda who write amidst the challenges of daily life and whose original writings I am privileged to publish and the fact that I would like to keep this space as it is: independent, diverse and a space for those who write and have a original perspective on Sri Lankan stuff or who live in or are Sri Lankan and have a perspective on the world.

The Lady Who Cried at the Galle Literary Festival is not just a story by a Nigerian living in Sri Lanka writing about Nigerian attacks on humanity; it is much much more. Maryanne Kooda writes “This time I am praying that those who have recognition enough to hold the world attention like Chimamanda Adichie, will tell the tales not only of old wounds created by Biafra, but of the new scars created every day”. While we are emerging in Sri Lanka from an old long conflict with open wounds which have not healed and an outcome which is not agreed upon by all who make up Sri Lanka, five years on we need to steer clear of new religious fanaticism and division by people of any faith or ethnicity dressed up in a different cause .

We too may burst into tears when the old wounds and conflicts are captured  somewhere else in the world perhaps in our eyes insufficiently by another Diasporan daughter or son-writer while the grass in Sri Lanka is in danger of being crushed by new divisions and religious fanaticism, perhaps it will not be so. ‘No harm’ in staying awake to the present-day realities played out in other parts of the world and in our own backyard. May God Bless Sri Lanka and its multi-ethnic peoples of many faiths and may we stay sane and vigilant to the cause of peace and absence of horror and carnage in our Motherland.

1378073_10151615516917581_172369377_nWell, am heading back to Sri Lanka in December and meanwhile I am rolling out stuff on iSrilankan which I hope you will read and contribute to.

As the song which is a favourite of my second brother goes “Today has been my birthday and tonight I should be glad” – tomorrow is my birthday and today I am very very glad to have this friendship and connection in this God-Forsaken world.

Have a good TGIF today as it’s Poya tomorrow in Sri Lanka when the full moon rises over this crazy planet of ours. iSrilankans, stay well under the moon !!


Photos: profile of Gaya by iCamera Macbook, cake baked and photo by Gaya, Kimbulbanis baked and photo by Kasuni used with permission.


  1. Greetings from Habarana … Midnight drive to see wild life … wild elephants and jackals on the Trincomalee road !

    • Thanks Jaliya. I remember the Trincomalee Road from Habarana and the famous checkpoint during the war beyond which wildlife tracking was not allowed… we had to turn back the jeeps sorrowfully and return. Happy Jackal-spotting !!

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