Halal controversy : The Plain Tea approach may save trouble !!

f1724687It’s Monday and we cannot digest long theoretical writings on things that we have lived with for ages. Sayys’s 365 coughed up a real good simple plain tea kathawa on the Halal controversy, which is a “stirred not organic” controversy as far as the eye can see and good sense can reach.

SAYY’s 365 on Halal Controversy

Today when we were travelling we had an interesting discussion about the present halal controversy. Ranjan explained the controversy by saying it appears that the main issue that’s being sold to people is that non Muslims are being unfairly made to pay for the cost of halal certification.

My opinion was pretty simple. I said when you want to feed a kid during the day time you would use a crow as the distraction and in the night since the crow is not to be found, we find an alternative in the form of moon. Same is happening here. The masses need to be kept entertained!

Then when the issue of price came up again, my reply was let it be a free market and let market forces decide whether products need to have halal on it or not. Who ever who is offended by halal can probably look for non halal stuff and buy. If there is such a big demand for non halal items. Market will respond and open up another market segment. But then free market? Do we know what that means?


When the discussion turned on to explore the option of having different production lines. Kalhara quipped in with the following story from ‘api nodanna live’ a famous Sinhala comedy show. Waiter goes to the table and asks what do you want, two people say plain tea with less sugar, next one says plain tea with more sugar, others say normal plain tea. Waiter goes back to the tea master and say, 5 plain tea. Then returns to the table and distributes by asking, who asked for less sugar, more sugar etc and distributes them. If this controversy continues plain tea theory might become the most sort after business strategy! Patent?

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