Go Go Go !! Win or lose, you got 20 million + hearts behind ya !!

I can’t help it. Try as I might, its adrenalin day and tingling all over when I think of that moment when they walk out on the field and the crowd erupts with a roar….it’s nearly time !!

I asked a few peeps where they will be watching the match, what they will be eating and what message they have for Mahela and his Men. Here’s how some of us around the world and in CMB will be all united in cheering our Team at the final encounter:

At the stadium… Box 5,  with lots of beer and a few vodka’s… Snacks and short eats Kick ass boys !! (Sarinda, CMB)

Will be watching from Riyadh at home online,  with Murukku & Tea… Fix Gayle and the Cup is Ours !! (Fazli, Riyadh)

We are going to watch it at ‘O’ pub, Dutch Hospital. Will be digesting the menu as per our wish of the moment 😉  You guys have been awesome. Please win this one for us!!My message for MJ is posted on my wall along with his photo.(Sulochana, CMB)

At home, whisky … what i eat depends on how drunk we will be…“u better save the cup for the nation behind u “ (Rajesh, London)

At home with my mother who  is an avid cricket fan and an absolute brilliant co-cricket watcher – An elderly lady from my church will also join us. She is great company as she loves cricket and lots of wine !! I am making some pork chops, Pussella spiced sausages and a nut salad and have stocked up lots of beer, etc. (Rasika, CMB)

At the Premadasa grounds… huh!! drink water (only), eat cream crackers, short eats, icy chocs and chocolate if in the mood and yes  drink ginger beer as well. Play your best – like true sports gentlemen. It is nice to WIN but it is fine to LOSE too after playing your VERY BEST. It is about enjoying the game to the FULLEST while playing your VERY BEST:) (Fazana ( Fazzie), CMB)

At Premadasa Stadium. Beers, beers and more beers. No time to eat. Play intelligent cricket and do the basics rights. All the best to the entire team !! (Jaliya, CMB)

At the Sri Lankan Restaurant In Malaysia ( ALiyaa Island Restaurant & Bar). Will Probably Have a good Kottu and Arrack Good Luck to the boys today, let the Lion’s Roar, We maybe a small Island in the Indian Ocean but we are a Jewel, and home to one of the Best Cricket Teams in The World. All the Best, We are Behind u every step of the way” (Rajith, Kuala Lumpur)

At a friend’s house with a group of child hood friends. Nothing fancy, planning to eat roast chicken and may be a salad. No liqueur. Guys, please don’t let us down. Yes, You Can! (Sandya, Panadura)

At a Sri Lankan friend’s house. Lamb curry and rice and Bacardi and coke I guess. Good luck Sri Lanka!!!! We will support u all the way!!! Win or lose, u r the best!!! (Sunali, London)

Watching the cricket at home…it starts at 12.30 am Australian time and everyone I know has work in the morning so unfortunately can’t watch it together like we usually do! That’s not to say every wicket, every 6 and 4 that’s played, every crucial moment won’t be shared via texts! Will be watching it wt my 1996 Sri Lanka tshirt on for that extra bit of luck! Probably be too nervous to eat or drink but I did spot some koththu in the fridge and some murukku on the kitchen counter-and will def have some dilmah with ginger if I can get away from the tv to make some tea!

So proud of the whole cricket team. cricket is and forever will be one of the common things that is loved by every single lankan regardless of their ethnic, religious, caste or socioeconomic background-whether they are in sri lanka or part of the diaspora. As a 10 year old recently said when asked what it means to have a Sri lankan background..“my parents were born in Sri Lanka, which means I had cricket in my blood from the day I was born. Cricket is played in all communities and it brings all Sri lankans together. It is in the heart of all Sri lankans. It is in my heart.” So best of luck to the Sri lankan cricket team when they play the west indies tonight-regardless of the outcome-cricket will always be in our hearts and win or loose we will support you! (Gayathri, Melbourne)

Gedara… honda bite ekakui, shot ekai … aney manda… mona kiyandadha… thawa tikakin kegahanna wenawa.. echcharai kiyanna thiyenne !! English: At home, with a nice bite, shot, and we… what to say… just that i will be yelling like hell … (Pali Kade Pali, Florence)

Yes, I will be watching at home in Sydney. Wine and grapes …(Lalindra, Sydney)

At home smile. Probably coffee! Kick some West indian Ass boys! (Francine, CMB)

We will be watching the match today from the Terrace in Mt Lavinia Hotel, sipping my usual Ginger Beer (EGB) and having dinner. Go Lions…show your mettle once again!!! (Sheila, CMB)

On the Couch at home. Roast Pork in oven, JD shots, already spliffed to stay calm. We believe, please believe, and don’t miss catches !! (DD or Dhammika, London)

In Welimada on the television (Star Cricket), Tea with milk and cookies… Go, lions, Go !!!! (Krishantha, CMB)

Most likely from Leopolds in Mumbai or some other pub/sports pub or maybe even at the salvation army office hehe !! some indian food and some alcohol i suppose and maybe some chocolate… Please dont let me say aiyo at the end of three hours! hehe !! (Gloria, Singapore)

Home, probably. Doubt I will eat anything ! there’s orange juice and EGB in the fridge though ! Oh well – It will be awesome if you win, but losing doesn’t make you any less great either. no pressure, just play!
(Hiranya, CMB)

At home watching right now with family in Toronto. Having kiribath and coffee for breakfast… Go Sri Lanka, Good Luck! ( Gaya, Toronto)

I am not a cricket fan but even I will be watching the match today! I’ll be watching it on TV from my apartment in Bamba.  We are preparing Ulundu Vades right now so we’ll be tucking into those and a tub of ice cream, while we watch. GO, GO,GO!!! But whether we win or lose, congratulations for coming this far! (Thulasi, CMB)

watching .. kinda .. at home.. just the usual …lion lager(Suchetha, Piliyandala)

Home, Chips n beer… Rock the world – bask in glory !! (Kevin, Dubai)

In Toronto. Kottu rotti and booze. We’re all playing for the Cup today – let’s go boys! (Kumaran, Toronto)

I am at CR&FC drinking Rockland white rum local, very good. Eating devilled sausages. We can win this. time to smash those West Indies’ balls far and wide!! ( Gary, Sydney but now in CMB)

I am trying to see if i can find a spot with rest of the Sri Lankans in Staten island or else it’ll be at my house on my iMac ( Stay tuned for my update ) (Dileni, NYC)

At home in Maryland with Coffee … maybe a bagle with cream cheese… Go have fun and you will win it!! (Lasantha, Maryland)

At home in the favourite GOH chair with feet up on little foot chair, bar of Chocolate and maybe a wee Tia Maria now and then …Just whack them and give us another night to remember !! (Amma -my mother aged 83, Moratuwa)

In one of the Multi-Media-Rooms on campus… Just getting something from the coffee bar ! Just like many times before, you’ve made us proud by reaching the finals and all. Now live up to your full potential and bring this baby home !! (technically it’s already home so make it stay there^^) (Lavanya, Bremen)

Sydney -Channel 9, preparing a jar of coffee and roasted cashew nuts for the match. Here the time is 00:06AM on the 8th . Match will finish by 4 AM. Hope Gayle will not stay for a long time. Since WI decided to bat. Sri Lanka should make sure the best bowling and fielding. Lasantha should not miss the chances this time!! (Nathan (Soori), Sydney)

At home in India with tuborg beer and a fat joint. you should not have panicked about the duckworth lewis system… (Shehan,Mysore)

Watching it at the stadium…with Vodka and Mango juice eating fish buns and roast pork sandwiches and wild boar bites! Amazing atmosphere! But utterly disappointing finish after restricting them to under 140. (Yamindra,CMB)

Unfortunately I won’t be watching the match today. I have a term paper due for class this week so I’ll have to work on that BUT, my message is Do your best, we’ll still support you whatever the outcome is !!! (Nadeesh, Toronto)

At CR & FC grounds with my friends, Im eating french fries and kottu and drinking coke …Actually this is my message for the team No pressure boys, win or lose we are still very proud of this great cricket team but I mean, it would be absolutely, amazingly, profoundly awesome if you could WIN this finals for us.Thanks. smile Sincerely 20+ million hearts including faithful Sri Lankan tongue!! (Dinara, CMB)

Yes,I hope as one classic FB status update said : Api Dinanawoooo !!! ( We win today ). I will be streaming the fever down online with PG Tips tea, ginger biscuits – kids hav lemon Puff and GO GO GO…there are millions of hearts behind you !!









  1. i am watching the game kiribath and coffee for breakfast at home in toronto go srilanka!

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