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It’s really difficult to know how to tell one’s story without seeming incredibly self-conscious, self-absorbed and plain silly. But then, it has to be said and done. I wrote it, I recorded it and here it is. Every word is true and I tried to assume a nice reading voice and failed miserably. Listen and smirk. Thank you guys !

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Gaya Fernando is born and raised Srilankan and is a Sri Lankan lawyer, writer and researcher. She has worked in Colombo, Hulftsdorp, Pannala, Bruxelles and networks with iSrilankans now from Florence, Italy where she lives with her family.

She has an LL M in EU and International Law and has planned, conceptualised, authored chapters in and co-edited Nonviolent Coexistence : Moving Communities beyond fear, suspicion and the weapons of war. Her passion is oral history which commenced with contributing the Sri Lankan oral histories to the book You can Inspire : Inspirational stories of peace in Asia.

Both books were published in 2007 and translated into Sinhala and Tamil as a contribution to the Peace Education of Sri Lanka. Gayathri believes that her special contribution lies in being a member of the Diaspora, born in Sri Lanka and belonging to the ‘born in 72’s she could reach out to both older and younger generations remembering a time before the war and growing up in multi-ethnic friendships that stood the test of war and time.

Not really convinced of the value of a PhD she decided to create a digital website and publish oral histories and present a collage of Srilankanness online to reach iSrilankans all over the world with access to the digital media. She speaks Sinhala, English, Bad French, Worse German, Tourist Dutch and quite-good Italian and learning Tamil via Skype on Friday mornings.

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