Skies are the cover photo of our life timeline, but rarely do we pause and raise our heads to the blue. Or grey. This is a not so professional random set of SKYscapes clicked by me, a skygazer from the time I was little and used to lie on a ‘pan pedura’ or mat in the garden and watch clouds change. My father used to call me to the verandah windows to show a particular cloud and ask me to come back and see it in five minutes when it was unrecognisable and morphed into another animal form. Both Italy and Sri Lanka have gorgeous skies and cloud formations. Here are a few favourites.


The Gallery is a showcase of a themed set of photos that could be a photoessay or just an album on a theme.


Duomo sky, Florence

Duomo sky, Florence

Galle Sky

Rampart sky, Galle

Tuscan sky

Cornfield sky, La Maremma, Italy

Sunset sky, La Maremma Italy

Colombo Hotel Sky

Mount Lavinia Sunset Sky

Venice celestial sky

St. Marks' Sky

Dawn sky, Hikkaduwa

Daybreak, Trinco

Dolomite Sky, Italy

South Tyrol sky, Italy

Anuradhapura skies

above my home sky

neighbourhood sky

Jaffna Lagoon Sky

palmyrah sky, Jaffna

neighbourhood sky

neighbourhood autumn sky

Sunset sky, home