From Kaiserslautern with Love: A German Nurse’s orphanage in Tangalla

Angelika gaily stepped out to meet me at the entrance to her orphanage, lithesome in a simple white


shirt and blue skirt, her long blonde hair bobbing behind her. “Welcome!” she said, with a light laugh, as she led me into the hall where a few of the boys studied their schoolbooks.

The first impression of this “Children’s Home,” situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, near the town of Tangalle, is cheerfulness and light. Each of the 16 boys who live in this center shares an airy clean room, with bunk beds, stuffed animals, drawings, books and decorations on the wall. One boy had three posters of kittens on the wall, although he said he did not like cats, only posters of cats.

How did Angelika Riedlinger, a German nurse from Kaiserslautern, come to start an orphanage by a lagoon in Sri Lanka?


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