For those who pooh-pooh the Colombo protestors at the disrupted vigil

The streets of Colombo have seen worse sights.

dog on beach rapti 2But if we look around and say “oh please, you see the Colombo elite here and facebookers who have turned up and got harrassed by the Police... I am disappointed. I need more Buddhists, more middle class people and I don’t like to see people who worked in NGOs, nor lived overseas nor are in the upper middle class of CMB in this protest cheek by jowl with me and so I would not have lit a candle” we would be as bad as the BBS. It’s saying “I wanna support the Sri Lanka which excludes the types I do not identify with cos I suspect everyone of having an agenda and this will stop my supporting the cause of an inclusive Sri Lanka for all. I need ‘my people’ to support all this !”

Get over it.

The CMB upper middle class has walked the talk in the streets and maybe you are a mite surprised to see your bedfellows? What the Colombo society did and did not do during the war as ambassadors of the peace both at home and abroad getting those much needed investments flowing and foreign investors despite the bombs blasting around deserves kudos if you only knew the extent to which they’ve stood strong. The reasons for many investors standing by Sri Lanka was their friendship and loyalty to the Colombo businessman whose family they knew so very well.

The ‘Colombians’ continued to work and play in a peaceful manner in an inter-ethnic life which has outlived the storm and now are fighting for the multi-ethnic society they love. The society I love. I was born and ‘bred’ there and I know what it’s like to have such a rich life and belonging among diverse faiths and races. Long Live multi-ethnic, multi-faith Sri Lanka !!

Eka mavakage daru kela bewinaa …
yamu yamu vee nopamaa,
prema wada sema bedha durera dhaa …
namo namo matha… !


  1. Why don’t you practice Buddhism instead of spreading hatred Gaya? The words in your article are clearly coming from a place of hate and not peace and compassion.

    • play it again Sam… 😉 as that’s the only tune you sing… am glad to see the first ‘hate’ comment in one year of online presence. Was worried that I was not reaching the ‘right’ people out there… have a good avurudu weekend !!

  2. Fazli Sameer says:

    How many, FB’ers, and, even Non FB’ers, will choose to look away while the nation sinks into a morass of racism from out of the blues?

  3. lankanpatriot says:

    This Peaceful Vigil was a sign of love and harmony, A primary teaching of Buddhism and those who obstructed are simply obstructing the Citizens of Sri Lanka to practice Buddhism

  4. “oh look look.. misspelled the national anthem!! lets focus on the minor detail. disaster.. they put ‘a’ instead of ‘aa’ what an insult. they should rot in hell..!!”

  5. Everyone doing something, no matter how small or big, to promote peaceful co-existence in this country deserves encouragement. This event was only promoted through Facebook. May be next time, if we get the message out to people outside social media and in all languages, we will see a more diverse group of people taking a stand against extremism in Sri Lanka.

  6. I think I understand the annoyance of the regime and its acolytes.
    The masses are easily fooled and led, but not so the intelligentsia. Our number may be small, but at the moment they represent the only light to shine through the show of smoke and mirrors.

    This is why they have systematically demonised the intelligentsia, the NGO’s, the foreign media and anybody else who did not swallow the propaganda.

  7. Iman Fahim Hameed says:

    Gaya, hats off to you! It made me very upset when this whole anti-muslim sentiment began, for I never ever thought we would have to face racist sentiments after three decades of the same. I felt angry and helpless at first. But after reading many articles such as yours, in suport of a united homeland, it stirs emotion in me. As a person who grew p in Colombo, I agree with you in that the multi-ethnic environment Colombo has has enbaled most of the so-called ‘Colombians’ to be less racist- and I don’t only refer to the buddhists. I mean that even the tamils and muslime in colombo who have grown up interacting with all races are less likely to habour racist sentimenst and less prone to being brainwashed by such ridiculous ideas.

    I hope fervently, that more people will see the insanity for what it is. We have strength in numbers. We may not be able to make a difference and stop this yet, especially with the law taking the wrong side but with more of us together against this, We can.

  8. Do not worry Iman we will nobody can make us leave Sri lanka after all our blood too was not ,we want to send a strong message ,, nothing will stop us pursuing a peaceful way to say we aint going no where ,this is our home-Sinhalese ,Tamils Burghers are all a part of our family Period subject closed.. burn our business ,break our religious places, call us by degrading names, call us Thambiyas ,hambayas , we are never going are never going to give up our birthrights -We are Sri Lankans ,and then Muslims

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