Doctor’s Advice from Mannar




In Mannar,  a relationship requires  a lot of pedalling…

I’m inclined to say that all of us, Mannar boys, owe it to the Europeans for the invention of the bicycles.  If a boy is serious about a relationship, this could be a busy schedule.  The boy will have to escort the girl of his dreams to school, to tuition classes and, of course, the Sunday mass at the cathedral.  That’s seven days a week.

If it’s a mutual relationship, it means, yes you guessed right, even more pedalling.  The lady would use her mother’s phone to inform her travel plans, and the gentleman is expected to drop everything and follow her at a safe distance – protecting her from any potential back stabbers.  I must admit that the boys are bent on taking it to the next level nowadays.  A few months ago, my friend hit the streets at 11.30 pm to wish his girlfriend “good life” on her birthday.  She lives some 4 kilo meters away. Make no mistake!  He cycled, there and back.

This is why doctors in Mannar advise diabetic patients to ‘fall in love.’



Elijah Hoole in his own words : 

I was born in Mannar and lived in Mannar for 18 of the 20 years of my life. Now I’m involved with SLU as a junior team member I have always stood for a united Sri Lanka since my childhood.  I love photography and guitar. you can read more of my stories at Stories of the Wind

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