An Avurudu Wish for Savi !


There are many Avurudu Kumaris and Avurudu Kumarayas-in-waiting ! They need your SUPPORT, your GOOD SENSE and your BELIEF in HIS or HER RESILIENCE.

This is a time for engagement and realism; a time to cast aside emotion and plunge into action.


An Avurudu Wish for Savi ! from iSrilankan on Vimeo.

A girl-child is abandoned by her mother after the tsunamis of 2004 and her father’s identity is unknown. Her grandparents are too weak to care for her. She is just ten years old and abandonment and grief should not be hers.

This is not a request to help Savi. It is an appeal to ENGAGE with the people who are doing good work in Sri Lanka, to COLLABORATE on issues and to be REALISTIC in what can be achieved and for the rest stick around for another 6 years to support in a consistent way the new generation who have seen abandonment and grief before the age of ten.

If you would like to know more please email and I will forward your request to the charities I know.

Note: Savi is the name I chose for a little girl whose identity and sponsorship details will remain private. The image was taken by Natalie Soysa and is purely symbolic.

Thank you for your interest.

සුභ අලුත් අවුරුද්දක් වේවා! இனிய புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

The transcript of the audio track of the movie :

Yesterday was an emotional day-wave. The early morning email scan washed in sadness of the situation of a girl-child in the war-affected North. Savi was abandoned by her mother after the tsunamis, father unknown and was in the custody of weak and ageing grandparents who are unable to care for Savi. We hear that now she will be the subject of a court ruling which will determine that Savi will be going to a children’s home at the age of ten.

I know how people feel when they just want to walk away with a child and adopt her and care for her cos you don’t feel you can trust her to others; abandonment and grief should not be yours at the age of ten. But this is a time to cast emotions aside in action. I have followed Savi’s situation and volunteered to assist with expenses and I take heart that the officers in the North and the team leading the charity are so thorough and humanly committed to an individual case that together, surely we can support Savi.

It is good to work with the people of Sri Lanka than try to intervene and whisk Savi out though the latter is very tempting. What Savi needs is care and love of the right kind. When I spoke to Jay a close friend he said Gaya you need to be pragmatic do what you can to make sure Savi goes to a good home and assist her and keep in contact with her but do what you can and leave it cos that’s all one can do, if not it will consume you and not help Savi either. When I spoke of Savi to Mrs. Ibrahim a wonderful lady who is both wise and experienced in children-care and education she said Savi cannot learn from books and succeed … she must not be driven to achieve in school. She must first receive the care and reassurance that she has not received so far in order to heal.

Nothing can restore the feeling of abandonment before the age of ten.  There are also hundreds of Savis yet for some karmic reason I chose Savi and a little boy, the saddest faces of the children on the sponsorship project and intend to see this through.

Now the pragmatic need is to identify a children’s home in Jaffna where Savi will begin a new life. I cannot hope for more than there is on offer but I will make sure that I push the limits as far as I possibly can. I have realised that one can only help in commitment, cash and common sense. Emotion will not help Savi nor I. The current government cannot be blamed for everything and government officers are working in their positions in the country. Social structures have broken down and need time to mend. Though I despair the lack of NGO assistance, what we experienced during the ceasefire and the tsunamis in terms of NGO intervention and their track record in Sri Lanka does not make me wish for such intervention either.

Yet there are so many people who are engaging and so much is being done. Having a peaceful mind and engaging in action keeping one’s head in pragmatic order and focusing on common sense over emotion is my wish for myself.

My wish for Savi is that within what is achievable with commitment and support she will find friendship and her sorrow though it will always remain will be transcended by her human survival instinct. I wish her to stay safe from abuse and to be allowed to grow into a strong young woman. I wish her Puthu Varuda Valthukkal, Subha Aluth Avuruddak Wewa! not this year nor even in  the next but maybe in a few years. We will inshallah still be here for her when that New Year comes around.

Image by  Natalie Soysa used in a pure symbolic sense.

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  1. A heart warming story, brought teats to my eyes. Thank you for doing what you are doing keep up the good work Gaya!

  2. I am hoping to do a Tamil and Sinhala language translation of the sountrack. there are many living in Europe who do not speak English but a Euro language and Tamil and I wish for a Sinhala transliteration as well. Please inbox if you can help out on this. Thank you for your response in sharing and for inboxing me messages. Try to comment on the website whenever you can. Thank you all !!

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