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Dear People of Thambapanni

Dear People of Thambapanni


ARVINTH, North London :

Hello Lankan Fellas! If there’s a day that makes us all Lankans celebrate together, well that would be the great ‘Sinhala-Tamil New Year’.

And I never understood the meaning and I never understood why this was called Sinhala-Tamil new year rather Tamil New Year. May be it’s just cos I was born in the late 80s and was brought up in one of the beautiful districts of the Island called ‘Jaffna’.

I am one of the guys who spent more than a decade in the war-torn North. Still, we celebrated the new year with passion; going to temples bare-footed, getting the holy water from the temples (Well I dunno how we may call it in English), having a good long head-shower. Pongal: new dresses and a day we get off from studying probably.

Celebrations and bla bla.. well no offence, but LTTE were from Jaffna and were good at these kinds of cultural events and they do celebrate on a good scale. We run to see their events and we all were aware of any-minute air strikes and we all were in our teens these were our celebrations.

And the years were rolling…1997 April, I was 12+ and the first time that we had a chance to celebrate the new year with lankan army and well it was kinda different and the 1st brigadier of Vadamaradchy ( north part of jaffna district) won the peoples heart of Vadamaradchy just mingling with them and showing em “I am one of you..”.

We all came out on the streets and took part in the game shows, baila nights and in many more. And obviously I know there were many undercover tigers living in Jaffna who were also part of celebrations and I was “wow! how could this possible..”

There was a mutual understanding between the warriors of both SL Army and Tamil Tigers and I, the cute chubby guy  just 12 or 13 was happy to see how these celebrations were going to bring the peace in this country..

But something went wrong somewhere and all messed up again.. My dream to see a happy Lanka was spoiled..2002 peace talk bla bla bla….. war again..The deaths of people, army and obviously Tamil Tigers (mind these all were sri lankans) and etc etc..

We Sri lankans fight against Srilankans… I just want to forget them all.. to be honest I am not in the mood to celebrate new year.. but I wish if the rest of Lankans together and if they can bring the happy country with no mess to celebrate the new year.. I swear that I wouldn’t  bother to end my life on next day (Well I wouldn’t do it),

Still,  people of THAMBAPANNI, I wish you all a great and successful year ahead.  I wish you all explore and meet many more Lankans around the world and in Lanka, get to know them and last but not least I wish this new year brings more health and wealth on you all!


Born: Nelliady, Jaffna

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