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Day Three with Riaz Cader

Day Three with Riaz Cader

Day Three with RIAZ CADER : It seemed like the natural thing to do, completing the Uni degree and staying on in Melbourne where I worked as an Auditor at a mid-tier accounting firm. I didn’t mind the long hours, however the city-based lifestyle, the mundane nature of work to be undertaken and having to study for accounting exams during my spare time were soon taking its toll on me.

I did manage however during the end of my first year’s work save up and upgrade to a Canon EOS40D and get a Sigma 50-500mm lens which was to be my stock lens for shooting wildlife until 2011. Being able to zoom up to 500mm was extremely handy and meant that I was now able to get a much greater variety of shots especially of birds, which were out of range before.

In December 2008, I was also able to fulfill one of my ambitions when I travelled to Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks in India with my brother Nabil on a nine day tour to photograph the iconic Royal Bengal Tiger. On my first game drive, we had a wonderful encounter with an adult tigress who slept blissfully in the middle of the dirt track giving me the freedom to click away which to date remains as one of my unforgettable wildlife encounters.

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Riaz Cader is Assistant Manager – Nature & Community Projects at Jetwing Hotels and on and off-the-job continues to visit Sri Lanka’s wild places to pursue his passion of wildlife photography. Riaz is a self-trained photographer and uses a Canon EOS 7D body predominantly with a Canon 100-400mmL series lens for wildlife images along with a Canon 24-105mm L series lens and Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lenses for landscapes and portraits.

Riaz Cader can be found on facebook and  flickr 


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