iSrilankan-Londoners: 13 Nov St.Martin-in-the-Fields with Tanya Ekanayaka

Tanya is back and will be performing at St-Martin-in-the-Fields the world renowned recital venue on 13 Nov in a few days.

Back in 2010, Tanya Ekanayake  was the first Sri Lankan pianist to be invited to give a solo piano recital in the ‘Pianists of the World’ series at London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields. This was in 2010.

One of the oldest recital series of St Martin-in-the-Fields having been founded by the legendary Dame Myra Hess, Tanya’s programme concluded with the world première of her composition ‘Adahas: of Wings of Roots’ which was the first composition by a Sri Lankan to be performed at this venue.

Click play, listen to Adahas: Of Wings of Roots and be enchanted !!

For more on Tanya, our very own Peradeniya graduate read the related stories below.

Just-published book on Sri Lanka : Nayomi Munaweera’s ‘Island of a Thousand Mirrors’

It’s a rare blend of war, love and migration. Am looking for the author to do an Artists&Life podcast with her on her book, her take on life and else. It’s the right time however to introduce her cos this lady is gonna read at the Samadhana 2012 Benefit Reading Series which is an SLWB event organised by Kumaran Nadesan in Toronto. SLWB is involved in bringing the North American Sinhalese and Tamil Diaspora together in events that will build bridges between two communities that do not ordinarily meet in the same space though there are many like-minded. Great stuff ! [Read more…]

Image of the Week : Rag – the Musical


SHEHAL JOSEPH (credits) Rag – the Musical FINAL NIGHT at the Lionel Wendt 23 Oct


‘Rag’ is an original Sri Lankan musical theatre production that deals with the issue of ‘ragging’ or bullying/hazing in educational institutions.


“I had a dream when i was 16 years old – to write an original musical. That dream has finally come true. Never give up on your dreams! Don’t miss the final night of Rag – The Musical at the Wendt TONIGHT!”

Jehan Aloysius

Congratulations to Subhash Pinnapola and the Ad team for winning the first Cannes Lion for Sri Lanka !!


Subhash and the team at Leo Burnett Advertising came up with this idea of giving the newspaper Mawbima a practical twist.

On Independence day 4 February the newspaper had the national flag on both sides of the page and there were simple instructions on how to cut, roll the paper up and wave the flag. A great idea but also something that takes you back to the times when people used to cut out stuff from papers and created crafts, crosswords, lyrics and articles of interest were called ‘paper cuttings’

Read more

Well done for winning the Lion, Leo Burnett !!

Tanya Ekanayaka: The first Sri Lankan to perform her own composition for the Piano at the John F. Kennedy Centre



Dr. Tanya Ekanayaka debuts in the USA in a Millenium Stage Performace at the John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts, Washington DC.

The first Sri Lankan to perform her own composition for Piano at this venue, Dr. Tanya Ekanayaka is a heady mix of musicology and linguistics. [Read more…]

Washington DC: Will Trinity take home the all-new trophy this Sunday?


WASHINGTON DC SLS TAG RUGBY 7s: On Memorial Day Weekend back in 2001 jets thundered above the scenic Gravelly Point Park across the Potomac River in Washington DC. Simultaneously shouts and cheers rose from below as the Washington DC  Sri Lankan Schools Tag Rugby 7s kicked off in style. [Read more…]

A First in Manhattan: Sri Lankan Schools Tag Rugby 7s under lights May 12



“At 7:30pm, we will see an unseen : 7 schools, 9 teams, two trophies  in Manhattan under lights at Pier 40. Am a bit stressed and excited” says Thikshan Arulampalam (also known as ‘Lampy) who is a Trustee of STC-NYC and Head of the Organising Committee.

“We old Thomians in the NY area are organizing it. It is the 1st time such an event will be held in Manhattan. Rugby ends at 10/30 -11 and the seamless After-Party kicks off right after. Tickets: Sold Out ” [Read more…]

Gary’s Callout: Colourfest Australia to screen short Sri Lankan films – Submission deadline is end May !



Colourfest: Australia’s multicultural film festival is looking for filmmakers from Sri Lanka and around the world to submit short films about Sri Lankans, in Sri Lanka or as part of the global diaspora. [Read more…]

Project Belonging : giving a face and a voice to a statistic

by Tanuja Thurairajah and P. Vijayashanthan


Project Belonging

This project shares personal stories and anecdotes of people who would otherwise be categorised as a generic migrant community. A glimpse into the lives of these people can break down stereotypes and facilitate co-existence with not only the host community but also with other migrant communities. [Read more…]