A First in Manhattan: Sri Lankan Schools Tag Rugby 7s under lights May 12



“At 7:30pm, we will see an unseen : 7 schools, 9 teams, two trophies  in Manhattan under lights at Pier 40. Am a bit stressed and excited” says Thikshan Arulampalam (also known as ‘Lampy) who is a Trustee of STC-NYC and Head of the Organising Committee.

“We old Thomians in the NY area are organizing it. It is the 1st time such an event will be held in Manhattan. Rugby ends at 10/30 -11 and the seamless After-Party kicks off right after. Tickets: Sold Out ” [Read more…]

Project Belonging : giving a face and a voice to a statistic

by Tanuja Thurairajah and P. Vijayashanthan


Project Belonging

This project shares personal stories and anecdotes of people who would otherwise be categorised as a generic migrant community. A glimpse into the lives of these people can break down stereotypes and facilitate co-existence with not only the host community but also with other migrant communities. [Read more…]