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iSrilankan Then

Dear readers, 

This was the iSrilankan message published in Feb 2012 nearly a decade ago. Since the early aftermath of war as an individual independent and inclusive by nature, I was moved to create a space where the diaspora and local middle-roaders needed to capture the hidden humanity, express themselves in their myriad identities and somehow stay apart from the mainstream thinking that tarred the boundarylines with a brush that left out what was grounded and compassionate Srilankanness.  I am glad that at the time, iSrilankan featured both the outside voices and insiders, the old and young, those who wanted to bring out ‘anything but the war’ side and those who were relentlessly searching for a human story in the debris of a long civil war. 

We stayed the course and the energy to do this blog ran out but the space is a workshop where you can return to and carry on the work in progress. It is a scrapbook of contributions by those who were not paid a penny, gave their time and genuine effort to write and share the thoughts, works and hope of a peaceful tomorrow in Sri Lanka. 

To see where iSrilankan is coming from  read a Message from an Insight-Gatherer by Gaya Fernando

Gaya’s Story  tells you where I am coming from. I think it was Richard Bach who said the most difficult questions are the simple ones : Who are you ? Where is your home ? What are you doing ? and watch how the answers change over time. Don’t forget to read a disclaimer.

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