Must-See Photoessay: God in the 21st century is everywhere in every form !


This is a time when emotions are stirred by an extremist group claiming to defend Buddhism namely the Bodu Bala Sena and others defend em saying the Temples were the guiding light to a society Sri Lankan long ago. It’s time we reminded ourselves that this is 2013.

Achcharu Boys

Eight years ago a  biblical-type disaster wrecked Sri Lanka in Dember 2004. During the Tsunamis shock and awe stunned the land.   In a few seconds a wave carrying a bomb vented carnage, trauma and devastation, tossing in derision human torsos, train tracks, trees, boats, houses and else into lifeless flesh and bone and driftwood.

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Image of the Week


IMAGE OF THE WEEK : Mount Lavinia Hotel January 2013

Image of the Week



IMAGE OF THE WEEK: This photo was taken by Sharni Jayawardena in the village of Muruthana in Kiran, in the Batticaloa district.  People here are largely descendants of the indigenous veddah community engaging in agriculture, manual labour and (some) hunting for a living.

Sharni Jayawardena

Photography for me is neither a hobby nor a profession. It is a preoccupation.  It makes me think and keeps me focused.  A photograph is, of course, a perspective – and a choice. It is a personal statement, an interpretation of reality.  But I see each photograph I take/make more as a document than a piece of art. I think of myself as a documentary photographer.  I worked for decades as a documentary filmmaker before becoming a photographer. The shift from moving images was not a drastic or difficult one.  But it is the still image, I find, that’s the more articulate.



Image of the Week

End of the day

End of the Day


An image which will play out eternally in Sri Lanka. Click through to the image on Brett Davies’ Flickr.

Galle, Aug 6, 2011





Ganga Addara, Augustus and Lanka’s Theme …


The day on which I  find no surprises in my motherland, mother tongues and her people, will see me trade in my burgundy-coloured passport with the rather nice Sovereign seal of Sri Lanka, for another.

Malathi makes an observation

Today has been one of those Indian summer days when you wonder if tomorrow will bring in the first cold wind that confirms the summer has finally left us behind. The morning good-reads stapled a sadness on my day as I read the final sentence in Malathi de Alwis’ review of Kalumaali; an excellent observation.  Any depiction of motherhood or womanhood surely cannot leave out the great devastation of war and tsunamis? should include the heartbreak borne by son, child, daughter, friend, neighbour, Aiya, Anna, Acca, Appa, Thaththa and especially Amma ?

Her last sentence read

“As I sat in the darkened theatre the image that kept recurring in my head was the tear-drenched face of a young Tamil mother who had had to abandon her injured daughter in their bombed-out home as she carried her two other children to safety.” [Read more…]

Image of the Week : Rag – the Musical


SHEHAL JOSEPH (credits) Rag – the Musical FINAL NIGHT at the Lionel Wendt 23 Oct


‘Rag’ is an original Sri Lankan musical theatre production that deals with the issue of ‘ragging’ or bullying/hazing in educational institutions.


“I had a dream when i was 16 years old – to write an original musical. That dream has finally come true. Never give up on your dreams! Don’t miss the final night of Rag – The Musical at the Wendt TONIGHT!”

Jehan Aloysius

FUTA Stories : 6% is not enough !



What does this FUTA protest mean to the rest of us ?

The FUTA trade union action has gathered momentum and means something to post-war Sri Lanka. In the media there are many interpretations of what FUTA means to Srilankans and its great to read them all. Yet even though the FUTA action can be interpreted as proof of the academic right to dissent, to opine that it has morphed beyond issues of educational reform et al is to distort its real significance to people from all political affinities, ethnicities, faiths and belonging to local and Diaspora.
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Rolling Back the Years – A Story of Hope


I remember this song. No! In fact I know this song. ‘Annan Ennada? Thambi Ennada?’ A song from the black-and-white days – a song that explores relationships in a materialistic world.  A song Thilahan sang for a school assembly, once upon a time.  Indeed, so much has happened since then. Here I am an old man of sixty, relaxing under the shades of The Mango Tree.  This tree hasn’t changed much – it is the same old mighty tree from forty-years ago, but I have changed; my sight has weakened, hair has grayed and I have become a weary old man.  This tree and this song my Sony radio is currently playing, bring back memories – man’s greatest possession.  Memories of my childhood, memories of my school days, memories of Thilahan – my best friend, memories from those good times.

morning greetings

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World Outside Your Window: Len’s Toronto



When you think Toronto what comes to mind ? This is Len’s Toronto, a kaleidoscope of cultural diversity and colour. Len was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Toronto as a young child. iSrilankan wishes to feature his talent as a photographer and the city he lives in. [Read more…]

A Decade Later …


The new freedom tower is standing tall almost completed, halfway up at ground zero, the building 3WFC facing the Towers where I worked on that tragic day. In some ways, the now infamous “9/11” seems like yesterday.

It was around 7.30 am. I, still jet-lagged from my trip to Spain remember walking to work through the WTC plaza. I had a habit of looking up at the sky between the towers. It was a beautiful clear Tuesday morning like today.
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