Image of the Week – Charmed snakes at Galle Fort

Image of the Week


Image of the Week

sunset sri lanka
“The setting sun flames up the sky. The sea is like molten lava. The people frolic in carefree abandon. It’s 2015 signing off.” Lilamani Benson
Gaya: ‘Peace in a time of grumbling’ on good governance and new governments may be the chirp of the times, but such cameos of carefree fun in paradise remind us how far better off we are now in contrast to the uncertain no-hope dawns of consecutive new years, not so long ago.
LilamaniLilamani Benson is best known for being herself—Lilamani—rather than Founder and CEO of a leading advertising agency or as an artist. As Lilamani, she inflames her art, her ideas business and life with flamboyance and passion. This casual shot she took on her phone on New Year’s Eve is used with permission.


Keep it Clean and Cycle On | Son of the Morning Light




IMAGE OF THE WEEK: Keep it Clean and Cycle On | Son of the Morning Light.: Conservation art on Leyn Baan Street in the Galle Fort, shot with a Canon EOS 600D and EF-S 18-200mm lens at 18mm, 1/8, f/3.5, and ISO 100.

The above mural is by Simon Blackfoot and  one of a series with Rah Akaishi. Read more about the Moral in the Mural in Conversation with Smriti Daniel here.

“On Layn Baan St in Galle Fort, two exquisitely melancholy sea monsters are separated by a rusty gate. Stricken by grief, one wears a tower for a hat, the other towers above the lighthouse, rising above the fort with a ship bleeding oil cradled in its thin, long arms. The black ooze around their waists makes it clear these, intricately patterned creatures are fugitives of a man-made disaster. Artists Rah Akaishi (New Zealand) and Simon Blackfoot (Canada) painted them together – a response to the oil slick the bulk freighter Thermopylae Sierra left behind when it sank off the west coast in 2012.”

“A dedicated surfer, Rah says Sri Lanka has been pure inspiration: “I’m inspired by so much here visually also, the colourful religious imagery, folk arts and crafts, the architecture, land, seascapes, animals and people.” He’s designed for skateboards, apparel prints, tattoos, logos, posters, stickers and editorial illustrations and his work is rich with environmental themes and often incorporates wonderfully detailed animal motifs. A volunteer creative director for PangeaSeed, Rah says he uses art and design to educate, raise awareness and funds for the protection of sharks and preservation of their habitats.”

Read on with   Smriti Daniel 


Image of the Week


IMAGE OF THE WEEK : Mount Lavinia Hotel January 2013

And so it is.


The Sri Lanka Diaries blog

My first glimpse of Sri Lanka was from the aircraft.

Having forgotten to carry a book amidst all the hustle-bustle of carrying and checking in multiple bags, I was on my third perusal of the surprisingly well-written JetWings magazine when I happened to look out at the exact moment the plane was flying over the little strip of ocean between India and Sri Lanka.

It’s an amazing sight – one I haven’t been lucky enough to see before: bright blue ocean meets vibrant green land. It’s all very Google-maps, except it’s actually right under you!

What struck me right away (and I venture to say that it’s probably what strikes most folks) about Sri Lanka was the green.Read more at  Sri Lanka Diaries 


Gaya: Sri Lanka Diaries is the only name I have for her at present but soon she will tell me her name on iSrilankan when we have that  papaya juice at the Barefoot Cafe with the lady in person. She is in her own words  ‘An Indian on the serendipitous island of Sri Lanka, discovering life and the world, one day at a time!’

This is her first post arriving in her new home Sri Lanka. Through her words I once more marvel at serendipity.  I love featuring non-Srilankans living in the island who write good crazy-honest stuff and are fearless gutsy wanderers. Strange thing is, so far they are both women 😉 but I have hope that some good men will turn up !!


Image of the Week : Magul Maha Viharaya, Yala



Tharindu Amunugama

Magul Maha Viharaya 


This is the Magul Maha Vihara in Yala on the way to Situlpawwa*. The other is in Lahugala.

The legend has it that Viharamahadevi landed in Arugam bay,near Muhudu Maha Vihara in Pottuvil. This temple is still functioning with vestiges from the past to show. Arugam bay is derived from ‘ara gama’ i.e when King Kavan Tissa got to know about the princess,he had come looking for her,inquiring where she had landed and villagers have shown the way saying ‘ara gama’.

Then the King married Devi at Magul Maha Vihara in Lahugala, Pottuvil. You can still see the remains of a stone structure at that magul maha vihara,which was the base of what could be considered an ancient ‘poruwa’. The moonstone is unique too.

The newly weds had then embarked on the journey towards main area/king’s dwellings in the kingdom of Magama. They enjoyed a brief sojourn at Magul Maha Vihara in Yala whilst on this journey .This Magul Maha Vihara can be reached when you take the current road to Situlpawwa,located in Yala block 1.It is this Magul Maha Vihara that I captured and is featured here in iSrilankan.  Legend says the newly-weds consummated their marriage at this Magul Maha Vihara;hence the importance of the place 😉


Tharindu Amunugama is into investment banking and loves to trail off the beaten tracks of  Sri Lanka with a camera and bare necessities. He loves to keep things simple and spontaneous and spends time engaging with the communities and people he meets on his travels.

This seek-a-story-you-shall-find approach is a great way of capturing the story images of our peoples while respectfully sharing with awareness the discovery and insight  into ways of humanity that are not blogging their days away.




Golgotha Erupts by Natalie Soysa

Image of the Week : Golgotha Erupts


Easter 2012, Sri Lanka


Natalie Soysa in her own words : When I was a child I wanted to be a photographer. And a writer and an actress and a musician and a lecturer and an archeologist and an anthropologist and an activist and a journalist. I’ve realized along the way that I can’t be a Jill of all trades, but I can be of some.

Here’s one of those ventures. Or, shall I say adventures?

I presently shoot with my very first camera, a Sony Alpha 230 purchased in late March 2010 with the 18-55 mm / 3.5 – 5.6f kit lens, a 50mm / 1.8f prime and a 75-300mm / 4.5-5.6 zoom lens.

Visit Natalie’s Creative Studio and her Flickr gallery.

Natalie is available on assignment both in Sri Lanka and overseas as a photographer, journalist and ideas consultant.